Why rent to us

  • Guaranteed rent paid each month to you the landlord by RCT Social Lettings Agency, even if the property becomes empty the rent will still be paid. 
  • The amount that you will receive is set at 100% of the Local Housing Allowance rate applicable for the property size and area.
  • There will be no need for any contact with the Contract Holder.
  • The Social Lettings Agency’s Housing Officer will conduct property inspections every 6 months or more frequently if there are issues identified.
  • During the five-year lease you will not be required to undertake any minor repairs or maintenance works.
  • The Social Lettings Agency will carry out yearly gas safety inspections, five yearly electrical testing (if they fall within the lease period). 
  • If there is any damage to the property this will be rectified by the Social Lettings Agency at no cost or inconvenience to you.
  • The property will be returned to you at the end of the five-year lease in the same condition as when the lease started, less wear and tear.