About the Scheme

The Social Lettings Agency is a scheme which aims to improve access to long term, affordable and quality housing in the private sector.

The Scheme, managed by RCT Council’s Social Lettings Agency will offer a significant range of support services and benefits to the Contract Holder and to the private Landlord, with the aim of making the tenancy successful for both parties.

The Scheme offers Landlords a full property management package including repairs and maintenance with a guaranteed rental income.

The Social Lettings Agency will provide ongoing housing support to the Contract Holder, helping them gain greater independence and sustain a successful tenancy.

We are looking to lease unfurnished properties for five years to provide homes for the residents of RCT.

There are many benefits to the landlord which can be found on our Why rent to us page.

Our Promise

We will undertake the day-to day management of the properties within the scheme.

The Social Lettings Agency Housing Officers will regularly inspect properties, monitor activity and promptly deal with any issues, should they arise.

We will continue to meet rent payments even if the property remains unoccupied.

You can contact the Social Lettings Agency by emailing socialhousinglettingagency@rctcbc.gov.uk