Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in the scheme but don’t have a property ready yet, is it worth me making contact?

Yes, we are always keen to talk to landlords and start building a relationship. There may also be other projects withing the council that we may be able to refer you to depending on your situation.  You can contact the Social letting agency by emailing

What documentation do I need in place to join the scheme?

You will need to have consent from your mortgage, insurance company and proof of land registry. Throughout the lease period you will need to have public liability insurance and building insurance. You will also have to provide initial Gas safety certificate and EICR certificate. More information is listed in the information pack that will be sent to you when you express an interest in the scheme.

Will you pay for the safety certificates?

As a landlord you will be required to provide the initial gas safety and EICR certificate before signing a lease, these will need at least 6 months date. It will then be our responsibility to arrange and pay for Gas safety and EICR certificate required during the time of the contract. You will be sent a copy of any certificate completed during the lease.

Can the lease be less than 5 years?

No, the Lease is set at a minimum of 5 years.

Do I need to register with Rent Smart Wales?

No, if you decide to bring your property on to the Social Letting Agency scheme you will not need to be a registered landlord providing you have no other private rented properties. 

How long is the process to take over my property?

The length of time can vary from property to property, if your property needs work this will depend on how quickly the works are completed. Providing we have all of the required documents to draft the legal paper work, once the work is completed we aim for between 6-8 weeks.

What are the minimum standards?

The minimum standards can be seen here

How much communication will I get when my property is on the scheme?

You receive regular contact from the Social letting team and are always welcome you to contact us if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns during the Lease period. We will make regular contact to check on your feedback of the scheme and complete satisfaction surveys so we can provide the best support to our Landlords. We will contact you to advise of any repairs that will be taking place and if the property becomes empty. You will not have direct contact with the contract holder and communication, if needed, will be made through the Social letting agency.

What is the current rate that I will get for my property?

You can find the local housing rate on the RCT website here: The Local Housing Allowance | Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (


If the LHA rate increases during the lease will my rent increase?

Yes, if the LHA rate increases the increase will be implanted to your rent.

Am I able to end the Lease early?

We are confident that with the support and communication from the Social letting agency team that you will not find yourself in this position. However, if you do, it is clearly stated in the Lease the consequences of termination.

What happens if my property becomes empty?

We will notify you if your property becomes empty. Any void costs including rent, council tax, utilities and maintenance will be the responsibility of the Social Letting Agency. You will not receive a deduction in rent payment.

What size properties and locations are you looking for?

We currently have a high demand for one bedroomed properties and our priority area is Taf. However, the purpose of the scheme is to prevent homelessness, we would carry out a triage to all properties across RCT.

If my property needs work do you have contractors I can use?

The SLA team do not have any contractors that can carry out any works to bring the property up to standard.

Do I need to furnish the property and provide white goods? 

No, we are looking for unfurnished properties to join the scheme.

 At the end of the Lease can I keep the contract holder on with my own tenancy?

During the last 6/9 months of the contract our housing officers will begin discussions with you regarding yours and the contract holders needs when the contract ends and provide any transitional support needed.

 Can I have more than one property on the scheme?

Yes, providing the properties meets the minimum standards and the needs of the scheme.

What repairs do you cover?

We cover minor repairs such as leaking tap, boiler issues and minor electrical issues. Any major structural repairs will be the responsibility of the landlord for example roof repairs.

If I decide after the 5 year ends I want my property back, how will it be returned to me?

We carry out a photographic survey which is included in your headlease. We will return the property in the same condition as evidenced minus some general wear and tear.

Who will occupy my property?

We work closely with our Housing Advice team